Brewer's Hideaway Farm

We will care for the land we have been entrusted with in a way that is respectful to the soil and all who are part of the farm. The qualities of sustainability, recycling, and simplicity help to guide our decisions. Our farm is a place to gather together to celebrate the richness that the Earth gives us.   

Winter beauty.

    Today, rather tonight, I will be killing the last pig of the season. The new year seems to pass so fast under winters cold. We only rush quickly from car to home and home to car. Asking those bitter cold starry skies, "When will warm air return?"
     I have enjoy this years cold winter! For Cecil county this seems to be a year of once-only childhood memories relived. The pond on the farm again frozen, I glide once more across the glassy surface. I remembered having so much here on my home land. The endless projects, resources to conger up a art fantasy, and late summer picnics in the wooded meadows.
     As I build my fire for my pig, I just wait listening to the fire crack and the sky change as day ends. The air from a 50 degree day sinks slow, and the chill again sinks in. Old man winter I like you. I don't mind brushing shoulders and seeing your mark upon my cheeks.
     You are here for just a short time longer, soon we will watch you fade and spring will meet us again with new birth. Until then, keep the kettle on and the hearth roaring.