Brewer's Hideaway Farm

We will care for the land we have been entrusted with in a way that is respectful to the soil and all who are part of the farm. The qualities of sustainability, recycling, and simplicity help to guide our decisions. Our farm is a place to gather together to celebrate the richness that the Earth gives us.   

Snow sleep!

With this weeks snow Rachel and I have been wondering when will spring start? Rachel started some peas last week and they have started to sprout, reaching up towards the light, their little legs growing tall. Rachel's been even sleeping with her seeds, and I have been resting with Josie in our recently removed cast iron tub.
This week I drove to Pittsburgh to pick up an oven, reach in cooler, and a 3 bowl sink for the truck! It was a bit scared on my own pulling a loaded trailer. However God kept me safe and gave me help when I needed it. I'm excited to see the food truck make progress!!
Cheers to ya all!
Happy Valentines day!