Brewer's Hideaway Farm

We will care for the land we have been entrusted with in a way that is respectful to the soil and all who are part of the farm. The qualities of sustainability, recycling, and simplicity help to guide our decisions. Our farm is a place to gather together to celebrate the richness that the Earth gives us.   

Under a Blanket of Blue….

Today, it was essential to put the 3rd planting of our brassicas in the ground. I woke up late and felt oh this is the beginning where will be the end? However when I was finally out the door ready for the day. I could feel in my soul somewhere that today, I would not be going to my weekly job. I was going to plant these brassicas so they could savor the noon rain. Thanks to my Dads help they are all now safe in the ground and beginning the next stage of growth! 



Our row covers engineered by Rachel from some outlet fabric always remind me of Frank Sinatra's Under a Blanket of Blue. 


Under a blanket of blue

Just you and i beneath the stars.

Wrapped in the arms of sweet romance

The night is ours.

Under a blanket of blue
Let me be thrilled by all your charms
Darling, i know my heart will dance
Within your arms.

A summer night's magic, enthralling me so.
The night would be tragic, if you weren't here to shareit my dear,
Covered with heaven above.

Let's dream a dream of love for two,
Wrapped in the arms of sweet romance,

Under a blanket of blue.



Last Light

sometimes we have those hard days that just seem to go on and on. The best part of them are the last lights of day. Dusk's last stand, then its over. complete Night surrounds us and finally we can hope for the Dawn of tomorrow and the newness it brings! 


Morning with The Girls

We appreciate all the eggs we receive from our Happy Hens and I love see them go at the ground scratching and pecking around for some yummy bugs! Its just a beautiful thing.

Happy Hens are my friends! I love you!,                                    please be True!       

Happy Hens are my friends! I love you!,

                                  please be True!