Brewer's Hideaway Farm

We will care for the land we have been entrusted with in a way that is respectful to the soil and all who are part of the farm. The qualities of sustainability, recycling, and simplicity help to guide our decisions. Our farm is a place to gather together to celebrate the richness that the Earth gives us.   


We aspire to provide community members with local and seasonal cuisine.

Chef Sarah Brewer will be serving Farm-2-Table Dinners in Kennet Sqaure, at Philter Coffee, this Season.

Dinners will be help every Third Thursday Starting in June and will feature food sourced from Brewer's Hideaway Farm; vegetarian and meat options are available.   

BYOB.  Reservations required : $40 per person

If you would like to make reservations please contact Philter Coffee at (610) 444-7687.


Menus based on predicted harvest, therefore are subject to change

Below are sample Menus: 


Tavola: Pane (Any style of bread, made with our home grown wheat)

            Homemade Buckwheat Honey Butter

            Beet Bruschetta 


Primi: Orecchiette with peas and tarragon scape Pesto

Entrée: Vegetarian-Roasted carrot, beet, and radish pie

                        Tunip mint Sauce.

Meat: Grilled Pork Chops, Dill carrot relish

Dessert: Blackberry Genoise


Tavola: Pane (Any style of bread made with our home grown wheat)

            Herb Roasted Garlic

            Summer Salsa

Primi: Buckwheat, red onion, olive oil, fresh basil, carrot

Entrée: Vegetarian: Smoked tomato Panna Cotta, toasted wheat berries, Marinated Zucchini

            Meat: Roasted Lamb Leg, Baba Gnoush, rosemary  sorbet, cayenne oat cracker

Desssert: Fresh Blueberry Pie, Rooibos Chai Peach custard.


Tavola: Grissini

           Melon Salad, Balsamic reduction

             Cherry Tomatoes

            Sweet Pickles      

Primi: Ravioli stuffed with Fennel and ricotta a robust tomato sauce. 

Entrée: Vegetarian: Red Quinoa with caramelized onions, eggplant. Roasted Tomaotillio sauce and Swiss Chard Salad.

            Meat: Grilled Espresso Chicken, Fennel Pico di gallo, Lemongrass cilantro Potato salad  

Dessert: Plum custard, Sage Jelly, Walnut Praline


Tavola: Pane(any style of bread made with home grown wheat)

            Crostini with Pate 

            Caramelized Onion jelly     

Primi: Tagliatelle, Potato, Cavolo Nero, Alio (garlic), Olio, Anchovie

Entrée: Vegetarian: Fennel stuffed with Roasted Mushrooms, Arugala, tarragon vinaigrette 

            Meat:Grilled Ribeye steak Grilled Kale and Scallions, Pear Chutney 

Dessert: Apple Pie 


( 7 Course)

Tavola: Fennel Salad, Olive oil, Fresh Focaccia Bread. 

Antipasta: Rutabaga Puree, Roasted Chestnuts, Radish Sprouts

Traditional Balsamic, Olive Oil. 

             Prima: Spinach Cappelletti, Chive and Chervil olive oil.

Secondo: Vegetarian: Parsnip Cake, Roasted Tatsoi, Red Cabbage, chicory Salad.

            Meat: Herb Roast Piedmontese Beef, Melted Mustard Greens, Shaved Dikon Radish, herbed olive oil.

Zuppe:   Broccoli & Celeriac Soup, Arugala Black Walnut pesto. 

Formaggio: Parmigiano Reggiano, Seared Goat Cheese, Ricotta, North Star Apples, Pepper jelly. 

Dolce: Pumpkin Tartlets, Italian Meringue, Elderberry sauce.