Brewer's Hideaway Farm

We will care for the land we have been entrusted with in a way that is respectful to the soil and all who are part of the farm. The qualities of sustainability, recycling, and simplicity help to guide our decisions. Our farm is a place to gather together to celebrate the richness that the Earth gives us.   

We are Family passionate about good food and our community!

Rachel and Sarah grew up in Rising Sun, MD on the family farm. Their grandparents were coal miners in West Virginia. When the mine shut down they moved to Maryland and started saving. After a few years they bought what is now Brewer's Hide-A-Way.  Rodney and Becky, Rachel and Sarah's parents always had a garden and a few animals to keep the kids busy. Conor grew up in neighboring Newark, gardening with his mom and dad. He spent time on several veggie farms before joining the Hideaway Crew. The Hideaway has always been a place for people to gather to enjoy good food and good stories. Those memories have remained with us and we are happy to share the farm and expand our garden to produce food for our community.

Chef Sarah Brewer welcomes you to taste the fresh and delicious simplicity of seasonal food at her Farm-to-Table dinners in Kennett Square,  at Philter Coffee. Dinners will be held every Third Thursday beginning in June. Sarah also is incorporating fresh local food in weekly lunch specials at Philter.

Sarah graduated from culinary school in 2009. She worked as a chef in Donegal, PA for 2 years at Out Of The Fire, Cafe.  In 2011 she decided to travel to Italy to gain more experience in farming and seasonal cuisine. She worked at Podere il Casale in Pienza, Italy as a shepherdess; and at Vallebona, in Pontassieve, Italy as a ranch hand. In the fall of 2013 she traveled to Colorno, Italy to spend two weeks at Italian Culinary School ALMA. In her travels she has shared her love of food with all of the people she has encountered. Influences of Toscana, Italia are prevalent in her creations. 

Rachel grew up loving tractor grease as much as making oatmeal cookies and picking green beans. Favorite thing about farming? Working in the soil to come alongside Mother Nature and watch the miracles of life! She has been a teacher in Maryland, a goat farmer in Vermont, and for five years helped manage two different vegetable CSA farms. The planning ready, she is delighted to start another growing season for the CSA, Farmer's Markets, and Farm 2 Table dinners. She is blessed by her life partner Conor and three amazing little ladies, ages 2, 7 and 9.


Conor, the man of few words and expressive eyebrows, says it all in this photo. Hand tools, hard work, and  dedication to our dreams will surely carry us into the bright tomorrow. His favorite jobs on the farm? Pruning trees and laying hedge with his hand saw and picking kale. Rachel thinks it's because kale looks just like little trees, don't you think?